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Villa Ponza is a dip in the greenery, a deep dive into nature, a romantic aperitif in front of the castles of the Finale area. Its construction dates back to the early nineteenth century, an ancient manor house magnificently exposed in the heart of the L'Aquila valley, just behind Finalborgo. Today Villa Ponza houses an entirely renovated apartment available to our guests.

Pochi chilometri dividono un paese dall’altro eppure in ognuno di essi il mare ha odori diversi e il suo modo di frangersi mostra forme particolari e persino la luce del cielo non è mai la stessa da golfo a golfo.
(Fabrizio Caramagna)


Finalborgo, one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy", is a medieval pearl with a unique atmosphere. Collected within well-preserved walls and towers, it offers visitors continuous surprises, among narrow alleys and squares adorned with ancient and worked stones. Today a must for tourists and sportsmen, it is a village closed to traffic full of clubs, restaurants and shops.


The city of Finale Ligure it has been a leader for decades for the possibility of experiencing sport at the highest levels, offering routes and facilities for practicing sporting activities such as climbing, hiking and mountain biking at all levels. Numerous walking paths can be easily reached directly from the village.


Finalborgo is a destination for historical and artistic attractions. Villa Ponza enjoys a breathtaking view of Castel Govone and Castel San Giovanni. Finale Ligure offers countless places of interest, which can be visited for free or by appointment. From the Basilica of San Biagio in the village of Castelfranco to Finalmarina, each ravine offers incredible discoveries that are worth much more than a stop.


Beaches of Finale Ligure offer a heterogeneous proposal for those that are looking for beach holidays. From the beaches of Varigotti, Baia dei Saraceni and Malpasso, free and easily accessible, to the bathing establishments with facilities equipped for bathrooms and restaurants. Finale Ligure also has a stretch of free and equipped beach that accepts dogs of all sizes.


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